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Babies love playtime and interactive play is a key part of their growth and development. From birth your baby is constantly learning more about their senses, so bright colours, different textures and noises are all important when choosing age appropriate toys.

Baby development toys

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 music, glow and grow gym play mat.

Play mats, gyms and tummy time

Gyms and play mats are brilliant for babies learning through play. They can enjoy kicking their little feet around, as well as developing their senses of sight, sound and touch through vibrant colours, mirrors, music and different textures. They're also great for tummy time, which helps them to strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles. Many experts recommend a couple of 3-5 minute sessions of supervised tummy time a day.

Baby Einstein music & language discovery gym.

Stir their senses

As your baby grows and develops, so does their ability to interact with their toys and the world around them. They're always learning about new sights, sound and textures, and their toys can help with the development of these senses. Of course, it won't be long until they're testing their sense of taste too, so make sure it's safe should they put a toy in their mouth.

VTech sing along microphone.

Sight and sound

Toys that stimulate your baby's vision and hearing are an important part of their development. As your little one's sight develops, the more they'll be fascinated by bright colours, different shapes and toys. From birth, your baby is learning and understanding new sounds and you can help develop their hearing with toys that make noises or play lullabies.



Great for bouncing, grasping and getting them moving, a bouncer or jumperoo can help them get used to being on their feet. Not only will they find it fun to boing around, but they can also interact with the bright colours and different shapes.

On the move.

On the move

From around 6 months old, your baby will be getting much stronger and sturdier and is probably able to support their own head. Their coordination will be improving all the time and they may even be ready for crawling and, eventually, walking. A baby walker will support and nurture your baby's first steps, while the variety of activity attachments will help keep them entertained as they go.

Baby bath toys.

Baby bath toys

It can take a while for some babies to get used to the sensation of being in water. To avoid any tears, try using bath toys to distract them and keep them entertained instead. These specially made toys are also a great sensory activity to encourage your baby to splash and develop their widening senses with engaging colours and textures.

Child building tower of toy blocks.

Building toys

Watch your baby have fun and learn while they build, stack, and figure out how the brightly coloured shapes fit along. Building toys are the perfect way to help your baby develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and imagination. What goes on top of what? Your little one will try one way or another to find out on their own. Tiny triumphs.

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Top toy safety tips

 Check age ratings.

Check age ratings

It's important to note the recommended age of any toy before giving it to your baby. This will make sure the toy is safe and appropriate for your baby's age.

 Fisher-Price 2-in-1 like a boss activity center.

Separate play space

Make sure your baby can't get hold of any toys with small parts that could be swallowed. This can be difficult when you also have older children with their own toys, so try to keep baby's play space away from where other toys are kept.

 Check toy condition.

Check toy condition

Although baby toys are designed to withstand the rough and tumble of play, it's a good idea to check toys regularly to make sure they haven't been damaged. Any toys with sharp edges or loose parts should be put out of harm's way.

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