The greatest of the grotto. Check out our list of Christmas gift ideas for kids.


Recognise me?

Some of our toys are so fantastic, they’ve become famous. You might recognise some of these Christmas contenders from being on the telly recently – get them before they’re gone!

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LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Gather for a feast and sorting ceremony in the Great Hall, draw wands for a duel with Draco Malfoy, and discover the Mirror of Erised. Includes 10 minifigures and accessories.

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Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise

Feed your unicorn and she'll magically poop slime in her glitter potty. Add unicorn magic to transform the slime and customise it for never-ending fun.

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Monopoly Fortnite

Forget about property, this is about survival! Claim locations, battle opponents and earn health points to stay in the game. But can you avoid the Storm?

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Cra-Z-Slime Super Slime Studio

Making slime has never been easier (or tidier!). This kit has everything you need to jump on the craze and create rainbow, glitter or even unicorn slime.

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Wizard Training Wand

Still waiting for your Hogwarts letter? Don’t worry - become an expert witch or wizard and practice your spell casting skills, with these motion sensor wands!

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Boxer Interactive Robot Buddy

Your AI buddy responds to hand movements with funny expressions and sounds. Play 10 fun games with him, like Bot Bowling or Go Kart.

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Fingerlings Untamed Dino Cage

Pull the lever to bust out Bolt the Raptor and Breakout the T-Rex. Will you let them be friends, or will they be foes?

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LOL Surprise Pop Up Store Playset

Take your dolls out on the town! Shop ‘til you drop at the fashion boutique, indulge at the pizza parlour and discover loads more shops along the way.

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PAW Patrol Rescue Fire Truck Playset

Help Marshall save the day in Adventure Bay! With flashing lights and sounds, this rescue vehicle is ready for any action-packed mission. Use the crank arm to move obstacles and the extendable ladder to reach new heights.

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LOL Surprise: Tots Under Wraps

Perfect for little detectives! Each doll is wearing a disguise, so you need to unbox each layer to discover who's inside. Use your spy glass to look for secret codes and unlock new surprises.

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Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

No Barbie party is complete without her signature dishes. Help her whip up a tasty spread with this set, complete with utensils, dough food & cooking sounds.

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My Lovely Unicorn

Take a ride on a magical unicorn! Pull the reins to motor forwards, backwards, left or right, pet her and groom her beautiful long mane.

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Vtech Myla the Magical Make Up Unicorn

Light up Myla's eyes, horn and wings with any colour from her pallete. She has a microphone too, so you can sing together!

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Hatch, hug and play! Hatch them from colourful rainbow eggs and 'swipe' the sequins on their sparkly bellies to reveal a magical surprise!

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Fingerlings Untamed T-Rex

These untamed dinos roar, hiss and chomp while gripping your fingers! Fiercely loyal, they react to touch, motion and sound and come in 4 colours.

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Fingerlings Untamed Direwolf

Tame a wild direwolf! Your ferocious friend will howl at the moon while in untamed mode, and nuzzle and play like a puppy once tamed.

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Fingerlings Untamed Raptor

Learn how to tame these wild baby dinos, or get chomped. Your ferocious friend will show you affection once you've earned their trust.

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Treasure X Legends Of Treasure Set

Hunt for ancient treasure! Rip, fizz and chip away to get closer to the gold. Use your treasure map and special coin to discover bones, a weapon, a treasure chest and build 3 legendary golden hunters.

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Nerf Laser Ops Alphapoint 2-Pack

Everything you need for live-action laser battles! Will you team up, or have an ultimate face-off?

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LEGO City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base

Explore, discover and build at an arctic base. Help the explorers uncover a woolly mammoth in the ice!

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Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Closed Eye Doll

Just like a real newborn. Dressed in her cute bunny babygrow, you can even hear her heartbeat.

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