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Science for kids

Give budding professors all they need to discover a world of science and beyond. Find the toys to feed their scientific passion, no matter what mysteries interest them most.

STEM science

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Astronomy for kids

Help them look to the stars and explore the wonders of worlds beyond ours. We’ve got all the equipment they need to search the night sky for stars and learn all about the solar system.

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Stargazing basics

The moon

The moon is the brightest and most recognisable object in the sky (apart from the Sun). Use binoculars or a telescope to go beyond casual observation and examine its various craters and mountain ranges. A moon cycle lasts around 29.5 days, so it’s never too long to wait for the next full moon.

The stars

Stars are most visible on clear, dark nights. And while we can see thousands of stars by looking up at the night sky, we can see thousands more using binoculars or a telescope. There are 88 acknowledged star constellations, but beginners may want to start with brighter ones like the Plough (big dipper), the Harp and Orion’s Belt.

The planets

Of the seven other planets in our Solar System, five (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) can be seen with the naked eye, if you know where to look. It is possible to see the face of those planets with a telescope, making it possible to observe the rocky red of Mars and the giant storms of Saturn and Jupiter.

Biology, chemistry and physics

Science made simple

Getting experimental with science is not only fun, but it can help young scientists to learn more about the make-up of the world. There are a number of sets and kits that can help them to explore each area of science, developing their interest and understanding along the way.


Is the science of all living organisms, from plants, to animals and the human body. A microscope is great for helping them understand what things are made of, while other biology kits range from human anatomy sets to butterfly, worm and ant farms for understanding the behaviour of living creatures.

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Is the science of matter and its properties and substances. Kids chemistry experiment sets are the perfect way to introduce them to the periodic table and have lots of fun along the way. Not only will they start to understand how different lab equipment works, but also how different substances can react with each other.

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Is the science of nature and the key questions of the universe. Physics sets can help budding scientists to understand the fundamental laws, such as gravity, force, acceleration and power to name just a few. Physics is an essential science for understanding why and how the world around us works.

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Earth science


Is the science that specifically deals with Earth and its structure. This helps them discover more about natural structures, such as volcanoes, mountains, metals, rocks and rivers. Help them discover the make-up of the Earth with safe, but explosive volcano sets and mining and metal detecting kits.

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More STEM learning

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