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Retro Gifts

The retro shop is shut for now, but we still have lots of brilliant gifting ideas for you.

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What does retro mean?

Retro permeates art, fashion, interior design, typography, entertainment, packaging and product design. It is a way of nodding to past styles in a modern context and has proved to be endlessly popular.

The origins of the word lie in the Latin word for backward, retrogress. From this comes the French word retrograde, which the English language borrowed and is more closely related to backwards motion or reversion. Retro, as a prefix, refers to the past. For example, retrospective means to consider things in the past and retrofire rockets slow down by firing in the opposite direction to their motion.

Retro bedroom ideas

A retro bedroom is easy to put together and effortlessly stylish. When you’re off to university and stocking up on student essentials, look to spruce up your room and kitchen with retro radios, furniture and turntables.

For those who grew up gaming, a blast from the past is never unwelcome. Check out our retro consoles, which include offerings from Nintendo, SEGA, Atari and Sony.

Retro fashion

Fashion these days is a fluid mix of styles from different eras, so it’s simple to put together a retro wardrobe online. Why not jump on the trend and show your vibe off to the world in a vlog? A fulfilling creative project, a vlog allows you to express yourself and your style. Check out our vlogging cameras to make your vlog as high-quality as possible.