Christmas decoration ideas

Tree up, baubles out, tinsel at the ready. Our fabulous festive decorations will make this year more magical than ever before.

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Enchanting decorating trends.
Enchanting decorating trends.

We’ve created some stunning decorating designs for your home.

This is Forest Hideaway, a beautiful traditional look. But if you’re into a bit of sparkle or love bright, bold colours, check out our Very Merry and Winter’s Mist themes below.

Very merry

Our cute characters and bright baubles will make your Christmas bright and jolly.

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Winter's mist

Create a frosted winter scene with shining silver and green.

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Forest hideaway

A natural trend with rustic tones and festive pine cones.

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Spread the Christmas spirit upstairs...

Don't neglect your bedroom when it comes to decorating your home. Christmas bedding sets will put you in a festive mood every morning.

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Christmas conundrums

When should you put up your Christmas tree?

Some people put their Christmas tree up at the start of advent, which falls on 2 December this year. Others wait till the second week of December. That's ideal if you have a real tree and want it looking its best on the big day.

When is twelth night? (When you take your tree down).

Twelfth night is the 5 January, 12 days after Christmas and the start of the festival of epiphany. Some people take them down on the 5th, others wait until the 6th, but it’s really up to your personal preference.

How many Christmas lights do you need for your tree?

First consider the lead length (from the plug to the first light) - this will need to be long enough to reach your tree from the nearest socket. Then look at total length, 5m of lights for every 2ft of tree is a good rule of thumb - so roughly 15m for a 6ft spruce. Also look at the number of bulbs, we'd recommend at least 200 for trees taller than 4ft.

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How many baubles do you need for your tree?

It's all down to taste - a minimalist approach can be just as effective as a tree bursting with baubles. As a guide, 80 baubles should give a nice coverage on a 6ft tree. Start from the centre of the tree and work outwards to prevent knocking any off, and mix different sizes of ornaments to add interest to your tree.

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From the greatest gifts to the coolest jumpers, we’ve got everything you to need to make this the best xmas ever.

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