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Customised Christmas Baubles

Add a splash of personality to your Christmas tree with these colourful baubles. How many can you make?

Step 1

Cut 3 lengths of ribbon, all the same size and long enough to fit around your bauble. One will be your feature ribbon and two for decoration.

Step 2

Glue your feature ribbon around the middle of the bauble. Then glue your decoration ribbons along both edges of the feature ribbon.

Step 3

Apply dots of glue along your feature ribbon, adding sequins and gems for extra embellishment. Make small dots of glue above and below the ribbon for decoration.

Step 4

Leave to dry and admire your brilliant bauble hanging proudly on your Christmas tree. Or how about giving it as a gift?

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Engrave, glue and glitter. Follow these easy steps to create your very own snowy bauble.

Step 1

Hold your bauble firmly and use your engraver to create snowflake patterns. Leaving a gap between each design.

Step 2

Use your glue gun to draw in-between your engraved snowflakes. You can use a clear glue or a colour of your choice.

Step 3

Sprinkle glitter over the bauble before the glue sets. Once covered, tap off any excess and repeat as needed.

Step 4

Leave to dry and hang in pride of place. Or carefully wrap as a gorgeous gift.

Crafts for kids

Due to the delicacy and equipment required for the above suggestions, unfortunately they're not suitable for children. But not to worry! We've got lots of colourful, crafty and creative ideas just waiting for you.

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