Toy cars, trains, boats and planes

Why buy at Argos?

Is your child a natural explorer? It’s time for them to travel to exciting lands for epic adventures. Load up the car and hit the open road (the hallway) and see where the journey takes them. Or they can take to the skies in a plane and land in a mysterious jungle (back garden) and see if they can find a legendary lost city and its hidden treasure. Find a seaworthy vessel for young sailors and let them take to the high seas (the bath) and battle with pirates and sea monsters (that old loofah lurking under the bubbles). Our selection of toy cars, trains, boats, and planes will keep kids happy for hours.

Hot Wheels are still wildly popular and we’ve got all the latest cars, plus huge track sets so your child can set up wild stunt displays in their bedroom. Magic Tracks are bendy, glow in the dark car racing tracks that kids can mould into virtually any shape they can imagine. If they prefer a little more control to their vehicles, then treat them to a remote control car. They come in all shapes and sizes, from realistic sports cars to rugged off-road buggies and towering monster trucks.

For kids who love the idea of piloting their own plane why not have a look at our selection of drones? With multiple rotors, built in HD cameras and other smart features your child can experience the wonder of flight from their back garden and capture incredible video too.

If your child prefers building to racing we have tons of construction toys for them to choose from, including LEGO Duplo for little hands, Technic, Mecanno and many other brands. And science toys are great for inspiring a sense of excitement and wonder at the natural world.