Toy cars, trains, boats and planes

By sea or by air?

Are you riding the waves to an adventure or flying high through the sky? We can get you into the right vehicle for any expedition!

Get on track with these trains

Whether you're starting your train journey or continuing on your voyage, let us help along the line to adventure!

Why buy at Argos?

Take to the skies, hit the road, or sail the seven seas with our selection of toy cars, trains, boats and planes. Whether they want to set up a railway with regular stops, or race their friends around the living room and out into the garden, there’s something for the little drivers and pilots out there. Some toy vehicles are standalone but some, like Hexbug and Magic Tracks, come as part of a racing track.

For kids that love to create we’ve got loads of construction toys like LEGO Duplo sets that will keep them entertained for hours. They can build towns, zoos, farms and more, then play to their heart’s content with the chunky mini-figures and animals. Arts and crafts toys are also good for creative kids, letting them learn how to create all kinds of wonderful decorations for the house and accessories like bracelets and necklaces for their friends.

Is your child they type that’s always asking how things work, or why something happens? If so, you can encourage their enquiring mind with science toys that will help them understand more about the world around them.

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