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Shop, cook, clean and build


Kids love to get involved with what their parents are doing, and really enjoy mimicking, in a playful way, what adults do. Argos' shop, cook, clean and build adds a fun twist to some of the tasks that adults have to do. With kids, it's ultimately about being able to create their own world out of the things around them. 

So, with a play kitchen, they'll be able to enact their own restaurant scenarios as though they are the head chef, and with a toy shop they'll be able to create their own stall and imagine their own creative products for sale – the options are endless. Get them something to dress up as too in our childrens fancy dress section. For something both educational and creative, check out the LEGO Juniors collection, where they'll learn the basics of building while having a tonne of fun. 

If you'd prefer your children had even more creative toys to play with, why not set them off with some arts and crafts, science toys, and musical instruments to really get their ideas flowing. And, if they prefer being active, then why not encourage them to take on a sport with some sports equipment, or get a trampoline for the garden. 

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