Shop, cook, clean and build

Why buy at Argos?

Does your little one always want to be a little grown-up? Indulge them with a playset that lets them act the adult, like a toy cooker, cleaning equipment, or shop. They’ll have hours of fun whether they’re playing with friends or serving their teddies. For creative play that’s more magical than mundane, get them some children’s fancy dress sets and accessories and they’ll soon be acting out adventures from their favourite books and TV shows.

For children that are more tactile arts and crafts sets will let them make jewellery, learn sewing, or create works of art that they can share with friends and family. LEGO is also a great choice for those that like to get hands on and create things and for younger kids who have outgrown Duplo but aren’t quite ready for the more complex sets there’s LEGO Juniors, which uses regular LEGO blocks to build simpler playsets. If your child has an enquiring mind we also have science toys that will help them learn all about the world and carry out fascinating experiments so that they understand bits of physics, chemistry and biology.

If you need your kids to burn off some energy fast get a trampoline for the garden. They come in a range of sizes, from little ones with handlebars for toddlers to huge trampolines they can do somersaults on with friends. Before you know it they’ll be tired out and ready for some quiet time.

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