Get bouncing, flipping, twisting and twirling all your moves on a garden trampoline. If you want to get something small and safe for your kids, we have little square trampolines with easy grip handle bars. If you're looking for something a bit bigger, we also have large circular trampolines fit with safety nets to catch any wild bouncers and keep your unperfected moves in check. So, whether it needs to be a small 6ft one for toddlers or a 14ft trampoline for the real big kids in the family, Argos has what you need. We also stock accessories such as covers, springs, ladders and more to look after your bouncy centre piece.

If you enjoy outdoor activities with your kids, then get them their first bike or childrens bike, and take them on adventures beyond your own backyard. Get some camping equipment like tents and sleeping bags, and go on a real excursion. However, if you'd like to bring the outback to your back garden, then why not get a fire pit to go alongside a BBQ – who says you can't camp in your garden too?

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