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Ball games


Encourage kids to play outdoors with our range of ball games. All members of the family can join in the fun with a swing ball set or a leisurely game of croquet. Racket sports can be played in pairs or doubles, so they encourage team spirit. Or get them ready to join the school teams by playing rugby or football. We've also got all they need to hone their basketball shooting skills or footie tricks.

Filling the garden with fun activities such as a playhouse or slides will make kids more enthusiastic about heading outside to play. For birthday parties, not much beats an inflatable bouncy castle. For indoor play, a ball pit is huge fun for the little ones.

Cycling together can help you all get out in the fresh air. Treat the kids to a children's bike in the correct frame size for their height to ensure a comfy ride. You can even start toddlers pedalling early with a babies' trike. Be sure to install a bike shed to keep your equipment in great condition, ready for your next adventure.

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