Ball games

Why buy at Argos?

We know how important it is to help your kids stay active and getting them outdoors and playing is the key to this. With this in mind, we have collected a range of ball games to keep your kids entertained and to keep them healthy. From our kids’ basketball sets to our range of kids’ racket sports including tennis and badminton, we have your requirements covered. We even include kids’ croquet sets, perfect for those special occasions such as birthdays and parties.

It’s not just about ball sports though. Take a look at our playhouses, ideal as a place for your kids to escape to, or our bouncy castles and ball pits, endless fun and exercise at a range of sizes and prices.

We have more traditional options as will. Our slides are always a popular choice no matter what age your child is. Or check out our range of footballs, perfect for building muscles and reaction times, and ideal for building a bond between yourself and your kids – what better way of connecting with a child than a kick-around.

To help them become more adventurous, how about our kids’ bikes, perfect for giving them the freedom to explore. And to prepare them for riding a bike, what better than our babies’ trikes, a safe and stable way of learning to get around on wheels.