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Our toys to life range will quite literally bring movement and life to your child’s toys. The perfect birthday gift, they’re a fantastic way to stimulate children’s inquisitive minds and keep them entertained for hours. If your child is a budding racing car enthusiast with plans to become the next Lewis Hamilton, they’ll love Anki Overdrive. The super-smart Anki supercars sync up with a smart device and are equipped with artificial intelligence that means no matter what track is devised for them, they can learn it and race to victory. Plasma cannons and flamethrowers make things even more exciting.

Looking to buy your child a new console? We have an array of options to choose from. The multi-functional Nintendo Switch will let them play alongside friends in front of the TV, or it can transform into a handheld console, which they can take on those long car journeys.

Both the PS4 and the Xbox One offer high-performance gaming with great visuals and a huge range of compatible games. Either one is bound to go down a treat. And for the ultimate in powerful gaming outside of a dedicated gaming PC, the Xbox One X can’t be beat for the 4K gameplay it facilitates. It’s hard to achieve total immersion in a game if you’re not comfy, and a dedicated gaming chair is the perfect solution. If you’re a PC gamer, consider one with wheels.