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Give your child confidence with technology from an early age with our range of kids’ laptops, tablets and consoles. These simplified devices feature educational games and apps that will keep your child entertained for hours, while helping them get to grips with technology before they tackle the real thing. Children’s laptops come in bright colours with nice chunky keyboards that are ideal for little finger and they can help your child with their spelling, maths and more.

For the older kids who are already tech savvy there’s the next generation of games consoles for them to sink their teeth into. The Nintendo Switch offers a truly unique gaming experience thanks to its revolutionary design. It can be hooked up to your TV for at home gaming on the big screen before being transformed into a portable gaming device. We also have the Xbox One and PS4 plus a huge library of games for both systems, including LEGO Dimensions. This innovative game uses actual LEGO to interact with the game world to create a uniquely immersive experience.

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