Reading is the foundation for any good education and encouraging kids to become engaged in the reading process is a crucial first step. We understand how technology can be a way of encouraging children to become engaged, so to this end we have gathered a range of electronic books and accessories that combine technology with old-fashioned stories. For example, check out our interactive books with activities that your kids can get involved in or our robot toy with its range of stories that kids can explore.

As well as getting them into reading, technology can also be a great way of preparing your children for the practicalities of their adult life. Our children’s laptops for example offer a basic introduction to using computers in a safe and entertaining way. Similarly, our kids’ tablets are colourful, accessible and robust, the perfect entry point for the kinds of devices your kids will be using when they grow up. Or how about our range of kids’ cameras a perfect starting point for children who want to express themselves through photographs and imagery.

We also offer educational toys focusing on a variety of exciting and engaging topics from the moon to dinosaurs. Or how about our LEGO range, specifically our LEGO Dimensions sets - a combination of the tactile pleasure of LEGO with the virtual world.

Finally, we offer a collection of drones for kids ranging from entry-level quadcopters to our premium products – perfect for getting a different perspective on the world around you.