Introduce your children to the English language with our selection of electronic books and accessories, and ease them into understanding how it works with a fun and helpful approach. Reading can be an incredibly hard task, so why not make it more enjoyable and get a helping hand from these fantastic e-books and readers. And, it’s not all words, some electronic books come with an interactive pen and engaging methods are employed to help your child understand writing and numbers too. With a selection of these brilliant reading systems, your child will be reading and writing in no time.

If you'd like your child to learn and play at the same time, why not get them some creative or science toys to experiment with. We also have a great selection of musical instruments to get them started and learning from a young age can be highly beneficial as well as extremely fun. Get them working on their architecture skills with some Lego, or the modern, computer game combo, Lego Dimensions. And, if they're keen to learn about modern technology, then why not start them off with their own kids camera, so they can work on their eye for imagery, whilst learning a bit about the technical side of things.

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