Electronic books can help your child with their reading, especially if they’re the kind of kid that finds it hard to sit still for more than a few minutes. With interactive technology, they can enjoy exciting stories, hear words sounded out and get additional support to help them through the pages. We also have other educational toys that can make learning fun.

Our science toys include chemistry sets and planetariums, which all help your child learn more about the world around them. For kids who love gadgets we have a range of children’s laptops that will help them understand technology and they come loaded with educational games, to help them with spelling, shape recognition, maths and more.

For creative kids there’s no better toy than LEGO, whether they want to build a specific kit or just want to freestyle with some blocks and build whatever they can imagine. And if your child loves video games then they’re sure to enjoy LEGO Dimensions, which uses actual LEGO sets to interact with and influence the world they’re exploring in the game. A kids’ camera is also a wonderful creative tool, letting your child capture images and video, which they can share with friends and family.

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