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The future is here. More and more our toys are becoming technologically integrated. From robots and app toys to kids’ laptops and even diaries and journals, everything is going electronic. Our range of electronic toys are designed to be accessible, robust and cutting edge giving your kids the interactivity that comes with the modern world and the experience of using technology such as mobile phones and laptops.

Take our kids’ tablets for example. They come in a variety of colourful options and offer something to everyone regardless of their age. Bright, attractive and immersive, these tablets are the perfect preparation for modern life. Our electronic toys can also be highly educational. Check out our science toys – whether your kid is into space, the moon, geology or even dinosaurs, we have a toy for them. All are carefully created in order to give your child a great foundation in particular branches of science and to get endless entertainment at the same time.

Our range of K’NEX building sets will give your children the pure fun of building complex models. Speaking of fun, there’s nothing better than LEGO. Our collection of LEGO Dimensions packs have all the practical and tangible pleasure of building combined with the virtual world. Or how about the Harry Potter Coding Wand – an advanced toy giving your child an entry into the Wizarding World that allows the owner to ‘build’ a wand that responds to their movements.

Finally, we even offer a range of drones for kids, from simple quadcopters to our premium models, whatever your child’s age and your budget, we can accommodate.