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Kids are natural explorers, with a sense of wonder about the world around them. Indulge their imagination with our selection of electronic toys. Science toys can inspire kids to learn more about the world and understand how we interact with it, but in a fun and informative way that can spark a lifetime of interest. As they get older adding kids’ tablets into the mix can help with a mix of apps to help learning.

For more practical kids nothing beats LEGO, a toy that has only one limit: imagination. Kids can use LEGO to build their own toys, but also make frames for robots and other amazing inventions. LEGO Dimensions is the latest craze, which allows kids to interact with a video game using real LEGO to create their own adventures. Another classic building toy is K’NEX, which also encourages creativity.

But a healthy mind needs a healthy body so make sure they enjoy time outside with a Razor scooter. They’ll rack up the miles in the garden or the park zooming along at high speed with friends and burn off plenty of energy. Bouncy hoppers are a great alternative for younger kids, and should invoke a sense of nostalgia in most parents.

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