Board games, jigsaws and puzzles

Who are you wanting to entertain?


One of the best ways to bond and enjoy your time with family and friends is by getting stuck into a board game. Perfect for relaxed nights in, holidays, rainy days indoors, and even sunny days outdoors, you won't need a Wi-Fi signal to connect during these games. Sociable, challenging and engaging, they'll train your brain, test your nerve, and even teach the players valuable life skills – it's not easy learning how to lose gracefully! Along with a variety of games, Argos also has a fantastic selection of puzzles and jigsaws for you to piece together in your own time and enjoy your creation manifest in front of you. With varying complexities, there's something suitable for everyone in the family.

If you're a fan of piecing things together, then our fantastic selection of Lego would undoubtedly keep you entertained for hours on end. Lego have also released a combination of video game and physical building called Lego Dimensions, which is an interactive option for those into technology too. But, if you and your kids just love creating then why not look at our selection of inventive, arts and crafts, and science toys, where your children can learn and experiment all at the same time. And, to further your child's artistic development, or even your own, why not look in to our selection of musical instruments which offers a variety of excellent equipment for different abilities. 

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