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Still enjoying your Xbox 360? We’ve got plenty of games and accessories for you to choose from including gaming chairs that will help make your next epic gaming session a joy. Our selection of games consoles and video games is unrivalled and you can find the types of games that you love, from driver games that let you put the pedal to the metal, to first person shooters that drop you into the thick of a firefight and brain-bending puzzle and adventure games that challenge your wits more than your reflexes.

If you decide it's time to upgrade, Xbox One bundles are a great way to jump right into the action and the Xbox One X delivers a powerful performance with 4K visuals.

LEGO games continue to be big sellers on all consoles, like the wildly popular LEGO Dimensions. This game allows special LEGO figures to interact with the game and great new options in the virtual world. If you like to indulge in online games you’ll want to check out our gaming headsets so that you can keep in touch with other players in the middle of the action.

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