The Nintendo Wii U brought something new to video games. Its gamepad doubles as another game screen and offers an innovative gaming experience where the touchscreen can be used to play parts of the game as well as on your television, or to play entire games with no need of a big screen. It laid the foundations for the Nintendo Switch, which is now Nintendo’s flagship console.

Games for the Nintendo Wii U include both some classics and newer releases. Loosen up (and embarrass yourself a bit) with dance games, beat your friends to the finish line with racing games and immerse yourself in a fantasy world with an adventure game. If you’re in the market for a portable console, get yourself one of our Nintendo 2DS bundles.

If you don’t currently have a next generation games console, and are looking for options beyond Nintendo, the Xbox One and PS4 offer mind-blowing graphics and some of the hottest games on the market.

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