Telephones and accessories

What telephone do you want?

What telephone do you want?



Keep your home connected with our collection of telephones and accessories. With clever features, such as call blocking and personalised answering machines, our models have everything you need to stay in the loop.

Our smartphones keep us online and connected around the clock. But if you lose yours or it's on charge, a house phone will come in handy – meaning you're still just a phone call away from loved ones. BT phones feature easy-to-use buttons and are cordless, which let you walk around the house as you catch up. Many phones come in sets to allow you to distribute them around different rooms, so you're always close to one when it rings.

Ensure your home is as connected as possible with laptops and tablets from our range. Transport them safely to and from work in a sturdy laptop bag. Invest in a pair of headphones if you like watching videos or gaming at home.

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