Few of us can do without a telephone of some kind, while accessories can always make our lives a lot easier. Whether you want a fashionable phone stand or you’re after conference phone speaker holder for your office, take a look at our telephones and accessories range.

Some of us choose to do without one these days, but a landline is an extremely useful and reliable thing to have. A traditional corded telephone will always do the job and if your eyesight isn’t so good, we also have options with larger, easily legible buttons.

If you want a bit more flexibility so you’re free to multi-task while you’re on the house phone, cordless phones are the way to go. Twin cordless phones or even triple phones are a particularly good idea to make sure you never miss that call if your house has more than one floor or it’s on the larger side.

Binatone phones come in both corded and cordless models and Panasonic phones present an extremely wide range of options. Choose one with some handy extras such as a nuisance call blocker and a do not disturb feature for when you really need to knuckle down and get some work without interruption. Still not found what you’re after? Check out our range of Gigaset phones.

Need something that does it all? There’s a reason that smartphones have become one of our most popular and essential accessories. From sending messages and emails to banking, browsing social media and taking high-quality photos, the possibilities are endless and there’s an app for almost everything.