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With our range of set top boxes, recorders and satellites, you'll be able to control everything you watch and also prohibit children from seeing anything they shouldn't, making them ideal for families. And, with the ability to record and watch shows at your leisure, these digital appliances give the choice back to you, so you'll never miss an episode or football game again.

Smart TV brings the future of television to the present. Instead of being confined to selecting a currently live channel, with downloadable apps such as NOW TV and Netflix and gadgets like the Amazon Fire Stick and NOW TV box, you can access your favourite movies and TV series in just a few clicks. And with Google Chromecast you can stream from your phone to your TV.

So, if you're keen on visual entertainment, why not surf through our selection of televisions, and find something that'll fit perfectly into your home cinema system. If you want to create a fantastic viewing experience, why not look into getting a new sofa that'll fit everyone on, or dash a few cushions and beanbags about the floor for extra snuggly seats. And, to top it all off, why not get a popcorn machine and make your own, exclusive cinema, a reality. 

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