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Mobile Phones

Stay on top of the latest tech trends with a brand new mobile phone. Whether you're looking for a high-spec, top of the line phone or a cheap smartphone with a decent camera, we've got something for every budget.

If you're an Apple enthusiast and nothing but Apple will do, the latest iPhone - the iPhone SE - is a great choice. With their fastest processing chip in a smartphone, the A13 Bionic, this model will process even the finest detail in the well-loved portrait mode, giving your photos incredible definition. The iPhone is an excellent choice if you love taking pictures with your smartphone.

Samsung have paved the way in technology development - their Galaxy model has been in production for ten years! The latest release in the Galaxy line is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 and both model offer 5G coverage where available. With their high processing power and ability to shook 8k video, what's not to love about Samsung mobile phones?

Sometimes it's good to browse, and that's especially true when it comes to purchasing a smartphone. Which phone is best for you? Let us help you decide! Our sim free phones mean that you can upgrade your phone without the need for another contract - just pop in your old sim card into an Android sim free phone and you are set to go! Although, you may prefer to know exactly how much credit you've used, if so perhaps pay as you go phones would be the better option to keep track of how much you're spending?

Mobile Phone Accessories

Part of the fun of getting a new mobile phone is setting up all the accessories too. First things first - let's protect that brand-new phone! Our mobile phone cases come in all sorts of colours and designs; whether that's a silicone case, leather case or even a waterproof case, we've got it. Our iPhone cases are sleek and stylish, perfect for protecting your mobile and looking good too. Samsung phone cases also come in robust and ergonomic designs great for standing out whilst keeping your phone protected. Screen protectors are the way forward, especially for newer mobile phone models with their glass-like screens. Finally, it may seem like an unnecessary piece of kit, but popsockets are the tiny suction tool you wouldn't want to miss out. These little circles of plastic will stop you from dropping or accidentally flinging your phone out of your hands, and bonus, they will also prop your mobile screen up at an angle - perfect for hands free viewing.

The one accessory that no mobile phone could be without - the phone charger. The more recent advancements in charging are super convenient for anyone with a compatible device. Wireless phone chargers allow you to simply place the phone in contact with the charging station, without the need for cables and extra wires around the home.