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Refresh your home office with our range of PC monitors and stands. Try an LED curved screen for an immersive viewing experience. Add a mount or riser to keep it at just the right height and take the strain off your neck.

We've got all the gadgets you need to upgrade your home computing experience. Headphones will make sure you and the rest of the household can work and play in peace, without disturbing each other. Invest in a hard drive to save all that hard work – and all those music downloads. Choose from desktop and portable versions with the right amount of storage space to suit your needs.

Want to upgrade your machine? An Apple Mac is an investment in quality and reliability. If you're after something portable, Acer offers trusty, high-quality products with modest price tags. And for watching movies, chatting to friends or surfing the web on the go, tablets will be your best friend. Lightweight yet durable, they'll take up just a small amount of space in your bag or suitcase.

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