There’s not much worse than nearing the end of an arduous piece of work, having spent hours on it, only to lose it without having backed it up. But we’ve got you covered with our selection of external hard drives and USBs - all you need to ensure you’ve always got a copy of your important files and documents. These are ideal for freeing up space on your computer too - great for storing those holiday photos or your favourite movies.

The perfect permanent storage solution, external hard drives are going to offer you much more storage space than USBs - and we have a wide range of capacities to choose from depending on your exact requirements. At the lower end of the storage spectrum, you might go for a compact and portable 500GB external hard drive. Or how about one of our 1TB external hard drives or 2TB external hard drives?

If that’s just not going to cut it, take a look at our range of 4TB external hard drives from leading brands like Seagate and Toshiba, giving you plenty of space for all the movies, MP3 files, photos and videos you could want.

And when it comes to more temporary storage, check out our excellent range of USB sticks. Our 64GB USB sticks and 128GB USB sticks are perfect for easily and reliably transferring files from one device to another. Why not go for a SanDisk USB stick? There are lots to choose from, including some which are specially designed to give you lightning quick transfer speed.