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We all know that backing up is a sensible idea, but we don’t always have the right equipment to do it. Our great selection of hard drives, or HDDs and USB sticks make it easy to keep a copy of anything valuable, just a few minutes of regular file management could give you peace of mind. Make sure you have a copy of all those great pictures of the kids growing up, and the shots of your grandma’s birthday celebrations. Free up space on your PC or laptop by transferring files, films and old accounts to a hard drive, then keep it somewhere secure.

We’ve got USB sticks in a variety of sizes; you can mix and match to get the storage space you need. Take a look at our range of 128GB USB sticks and 64GB USB sticks, perfect for transferring large documents from one device to another. Try a SanDisk USB stick; they have a comprehensive range, including flash drives for iPhones and iPads. For more permanent storage, take a look at our hard drives. Depending on your needs you can choose a 500GB external hard drive that’s light and portable, through our range of 1TB external hard drives, 2TB external hard drives, and 4TB external hard drives, from leading brands including WD and Seagate.