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Keep those important files safe and secure with our range of external hard drives and USB storage solutions. Our hard drives can store up to 8TB of data. Portable versions are perfect for storing data on the go. And plug and play technology makes them easy to use. Transferring bulky files between devices? Our USBs hold up to 256GB.

Print and transfer important paper files quickly and easily with a new printer. Go for an all-in-one model, or pick one that's optimised for images or documents. If you've got lots of printed files to store, filing cabinets are an essential part of your home office. Pick a style and size to suit your room, from classic oak effect to urban metal.

If you're thinking of upgrading your tech, check out our range of laptops. The latest Acer laptops come in gold, silver, red and black, and have optimised wireless and fingerprint readers. And Apple Macs are perfect if you're after a powerful desktop companion.

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