In-car radios, CD and DVD players

In-Car Accessories

Why buy at Argos?

Keep backseat drivers at bay and to entertain your kids on longer trips, we have in-car DVD players, CD/radio players and in-car chargers to keep your smartphones or iPad full of juice. Get a dash cam for added reassurance of video footage in case of an accident.

To ensure your car crew never get bored, and to keep you focused on the road, look into getting them some headphones and there'll be no debates of what to watch or disruptive noises. And, if they'd like to have their own playlists running whilst you have some of your own music on, then our selection of MP3 players should solve that problem.

Also, if you'd like to keep your car clean whilst your travellers snack on some nibbles or get back in the vehicle after a muddy trek, then why not get some car seat covers and car mats to keep the dirt off the interior and make it easier to keep tidy.

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