Home cinema systems and sound bars

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Make your movie nights extra special with one of our home cinema systems or a sound bar. These powerful audio setups increase the sonic potential of your TV, giving room filling sound that will turn your living room into a movie theatre. You can get additional speakers as well so you can go full surround sound.

If you want to improve your picture then consider an HD, 4K TV so you can enjoy incredible colours that leap off the screen. Coupled to a Blu-ray player the latest generation of widescreen TVs serve up images that are so crisp you’ll feel like you’re in the movie.

For finishing touches to your home cinema you’ll definitely want a TV stand that gives you space to mount your TV, speakers and media player. And to cap it all off treat yourself to an extra comfy leather sofa, throw in some popcorn and savour your favourites from your NOW TV box in the comfort of your own home.

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