Want to make your photography professional quality? Upgrading your flash and adding some filters can really enhance your end results. Along with the right camera lens for the type of photography you’re doing, these add-ons can make all the difference between a mediocre shot and one you’ll keep forever.

Looking to upgrade your camera itself? We have a selection of DSLR cameras from leading manufacturers like Canon and Nikon. DSLRs aren’t just for the serious photographer with lots of cash to spend either. There are many quality models that won’t break the bank and will massively outperform your compact camera or smartphone.

Once you’ve been bitten by the photography bug you’ll find that you’ll be delving into editing photos and you might well need a new PC to handle the powerful software needed for serious editing. If you don’t want to upgrade your main computer then a tablet can perform well as a photo editing tool, with many apps available to help you get the most of your snaps. But we don’t just cater for the digital at Argos, we also carry a range of film cameras and film for Polaroids, for those of you who prefer the results from a film camera.

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