Want to get more from your camcorder? You're in luck because we have camcorder accessories that can help you capture home movies that you'll treasure forever. Grab an extra SD card or two so that you can keep filming all day long and never miss a moment. Be sure to check the compatibility of the card with your camcorder, as some camcorders require SD cards with specific data transfer speeds so that the video is captured without any lag. And a spare camera battery is also a good idea because nothing will ruin your filming more than losing the last 10 minutes of the school play or finding you missed the vows at the wedding!

Do you need to upgrade your old camcorder? Have a look at some of the offers we've got on leading brands like Canon camcorders. For crystal clear video Sony camcorders feature renowned Carl Zeiss lenses which make the HD video they capture sharp and bursting with colour. Panasonic camcorders range from the affordable Lumix models which are compact and ideal for taking on days out or when travelling, through to the high spec HCV800. This camcorder captures full HD video though a LEICA Dicomar lens, with wide angle and 24x optical zoom so you can capture incredible footage even if you're not right in the middle of the action.

Speaking of which, if you love the idea of recording your off-road adventures then try an action camera. While GoPro is the pioneer brand, you'll find other options to choose from, but they'll all let you film in a variety of settings from cycling, rock climbing and even underwater. Ideal for those times when you need to be hands free but want to make sure you record every moment.