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Why buy at Argos?

Great technology has the power to make life a little easier and a lot more fun! Whether you're looking to purchase some practical tech like a dash cam or a handy sat nav to get you from A to B, or you're after next-level entertainment in the form of a brand-new 4K television or a gaming console, you've come to exactly the right place. If you appreciate versatility in your gaming gadgets, how about the compact but powerful Nintendo Switch? These cool little hand-held consoles are perfect for gaming on the go, so you can play your favourite Nintendo games during your commute or that long-haul flight. But the Switch can also be connected to your TV, so you've got the option to enjoy big-screen gaming too!

How about the high-performance Xbox One family of consoles? These are the ultimate all-in-one media station, giving you the option to not only stream visually stunning 4K content, but you can also play 4K Blu-rays as well. If you've amassed an impressive collection of Xbox 360 games, many of these will be playable with the Xbox One - and you can enjoy access to more than 1,300 games. Sony fans might consider the equally impressive PS4 - and if 4K compatibility is a must-have then you'll want to opt for the powerful PS4 Pro.

Looking for some brilliant games to add to your gaming library? How about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? This combat-style game is playable on both the Xbox One and the PS4 - but if first-person shooter styles aren't for you, we've got you covered with loads of other amazing options. From fast-paced racing games to adventure RPGs and everything in-between, there's something here for each and every gamer.

In the market for a new smartphone? Consider the stylish and ever-popular iPhone. You're in the right place for SIM free phones as well. And when it comes to tablets, Apple fans will want to take a look at the iPad Pro with its spectacular display, all day battery life and access to over one million apps.

Heading off on an action-packed adventure of a lifetime? Bring a compact and ultra-durable GoPro along with you and you can capture every moment - even if you're underwater! Whichever you choose, they will make ideal Father's day gifts.