Guitars and accessories

Why buy at Argos?

Whether you want to strum and pluck delicate classical numbers on nylon strings, or shred some silky solos and hash out some crunchy chords, we've got the guitar for you. From acoustic guitars to electric basses, we have something to suit anyone's fingers. Our electro-acoustic guitars are particularly handy for those wanting to be able to play anywhere, but, when they rock up to the venue, can still be heard. If you'd prefer to switch over to the electric guitar, we have fantastic starter kits ready to go with jacks, cases, straps and amps, included in some of the sets. So, take a look around and figure out what rocks your world.

If you fancy trying out a different musical instrument, then why not take a look at our musical keyboards with a variety of built in sounds to play with. Plus, if you don't want to be heard, then just get some headphones and pop them in to practice. If you'd like to kick into a beat, then get one of our drum kits to get the snare rolls started. Our music stands are also particularly useful for gigs and practices so you can put sheet music up and lyrics. If you just can't go without music, wherever you are, then get an MP3 player or iPod to plug into on the go.

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