General music accessories

Why buy at Argos?

Every musician needs a few extras to make sure theyre ready for practices and performances, and Argos has a few handy bits to help you out. To ensure your rhythm never falters, we have digital tone metronomes so you'll always be in time with the beat. And, on stage, there's nothing worse than an out of tune guitar, so get yourself a chromatic, clip-on tuner; perfect for solo acoustic artists, these smart littler tuners work by sensing the vibrations of the instrument, so you won’t need to set up any extra cables or pedals. We also stock music stands so you can develop your music reading skills in time with your playing, and they're handy if you need to pop up some lyrics, or a set list. There's also a fantastic range of DJ equipment for those into mixing.

If you still need to get some instruments to play with, then head over and check out the variety we have. If you fancy yourself as a solo acoustic artist, then get an acoustic guitar you can play anywhere. If you'd prefer to shred a few solos, then get yourself an electric guitar. And, if rhythm is your game, then get one of our drum kits and start feeling the beat. We also have a great range of musical keyboards so you can try your hand at some jazzy piano in the digital form. If you just like creating, then check out our arts and crafts section for even more ideas.

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