There's no need to throw out your favourite clothes just because of a little tear or a rip at the seams – at Argos we sell sewing machines and accessories, so you can tailor your garments at home. So, whether you're a keen dress maker, or you are just tidying up a little split in a shirt, instead of laboriously stitching your designs up by hand, make your job easier with a sewing machine. They'll save you so much time that you'll be able to realise your next design a lot faster. And, there's no need to be concerned about running out of thread, as we have sets and sewing boxes full of it.

If you like trying your hand at creative hobbies, then take a look at our selection of arts and crafts to get the artistic side of you at work. And, if painting and modelling interests you, then we have a fantastic selection of model kits and art sets for you to test your dexterity. But, if sound is something you want to craft, then get started with one of our musical instruments, pop up a music stand, and get on your way to composing something from within.

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