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Good things come in small packages.
Good things come in small packages.

Good things come in small packages

You don’t necessarily need big equipment to get or keep fit so don’t worry if you don’t have that much room. You can get your cardio fix with small kit like skipping ropes and trampettes. And if you want to work on your strength and conditioning, you can with something as simple as a mat or gym ball.

Gym-spiration and the kit to get fit

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Does going to the gym feel like an expensive chore? If you have room to spare, equipping your home with some well-chosen small exercise equipment might be the solution. You can work out exactly when you want, with new technology motivating you and playing the part of a personal coach.

Whether you’re a serious athlete or just want to feel fit, toned and strong, it’s much more convenient to exercise at home. If your main aim is to improve your heart and lung health, our treadmills and spin bikes are a good place to start. Most have different intensity levels, so you’ll be able ramp up your efforts as your fitness improves. Even the simplest machines will give you feedback on heart rate, speed, distance, time and calories burned. They’ll give you a fantastic cardio workout and keep you out of the British weather.

For strengthening and toning the whole body, free weights can’t really be beaten. We stock many different types such as dumbbells, for men and for women, which can be used for conditioning and sculpting all muscle groups.

If you’re beginning a regime, or putting more structure into your exercise, you’ll want to check out how you’re progressing. A fitness tracker such as a Fitbit will give you loads of information on your current aerobic fitness and how you could improve it. And a basic pedometer will let you know how much you’re moving, both indoors and out.

To help with any aches and pains, either as a result of exercise or any other reason, have a look at our range of supports, we have back, leg and wrist supports available.