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Good things come in small packages.
Good things come in small packages.

Good things come in small packages

You don’t necessarily need big equipment to get or keep fit so don’t worry if you don’t have that much room. You can get your cardio fix with small kit like skipping ropes and trampettes. And if you want to work on your strength and conditioning, you can with something as simple as a mat or gym ball.

Gym-spiration and the kit to get fit

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Looking to get fit this year? Opt out of the gym contract and equip your home with small fitness equipment instead. It's easy to integrate these simple yet invaluable gadgets into your everyday life. Pedometers give you that extra boost of motivation you need to reach your daily number of steps. And they'll get you out walking and taking in more fresh air.

Treadmills and spin bikes will put that spare room to good use, so you can get fit and motivated even when it's cold outside. Choose a slower setting for a gentle early morning pace or work up a sweat with some interval training. Don't forget your fitness tracker. There are many out there from brands like Fitbit and Garmin which allow you to calculate your heart rate, speed, and distance, and watch those calories burn away too.

If cardio's not for you, dumbbells are sure to get your muscles and heart rate going. Working on your wrist strength? Add a wrist support to keep you strong and safe at the same time.

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