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If you’re serious about getting fit but haven’t got time for, or the gym isn’t for you, then why not invest in some carefully selected equipment to use at home? We have a huge range of treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers and rowing machines. There are dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and weight plates, benches and multigyms, swimming kit, even boxing gear. We’re dedicated to improving your fitness and wellbeing.

A skipping rope is the ultimate in low-tech fitness kit. Skipping is fantastic for coordination, agility, speed, stamina and overall fitness. Take a look at our range of quality skipping ropes for men and for women.

Other compact types of equipment include dumbbells and kettlebells. A full workout will usually involve a session with dumbbells, which come in a wide variety of weights to suit each individual. Similarly, kettlebells are increasingly recommended in fitness programmes. In addition to improving body strength and tone, these small weights add an element of resistance to cardio routines. Small and easily stored, they are ideal for exercising in the home.

You’ll want to monitor the effect all this activity is having on your health and fitness. Most fitness trackers now incorporate far more than a simple pedometer. They include heart rate monitors, which will measure your heart rate, your pace and how many calories you’re burning. You’ll find a great selection of trackers, including Fitbit, with us.