Car accessories

Be ready for the journey

Why buy at Argos?

Be ready for your journey, whether it's the daily commute or a weekend trip. Car accessories can make all the difference in keeping you entertained on the road. If you're singing along to your favourite songs or hooked on a gripping audiobook, make sure you're listening on a crystal-clear car stereo. Some models let you hook up to Bluetooth or pause and rewind live radio. Couple it with perfectly placed car speakers so everyone in the car can enjoy. Make sure you have a dash cam in place, you never know when you’ll need one.

Need to keep the kids amused? Car DVD players hook onto the back of the seats to keep the little ones happy (and quiet). With teenagers along for the ride, compact MP3 players will provide amusement so you can focus on getting there – without any drama.

If you like all your tunes in one place, pack your smartphone full of music. Popping on a pre-set playlist means you won't have to rake through your CDs for something to listen to. Driving just got a lot more fun.

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