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For all things cycling-related, check out our extensive range of bikes and accessories. Whether you're looking for a brand-new bike or you're just after a few essentials to keep your bike in good condition to make sure all your journeys go smoothly, you've come to the right place. Perhaps you want to leave the car at home and start cycling to work instead? Park your bike securely for the day with one of our bike locks. Or maybe you like late evening bike rides, then a set of bike lights is essential to ensure other road users can see you clearly. We're here to provide you with any bike tool or accessory you may need to make sure each ride is as comfortable and safe as possible.

Adult Road Bikes and Accessories

Built for speed, road bikes are just the thing if you want to get out and about on tarmac roads and enjoy a swift cycling experience. Whether you want to race on the roads or just catch the breeze on a refreshing weekend bike ride, our selection of road bikes is what you need.

If you're not after a brand-new bike but want to freshen your old one up, bike parts will allow you to upgrade your current bike for a better ride. From bike seats to add on trailer parts, you can find all your bike essentials to kit out your ride. How about fixing a child seat to the back of your bike and take your little along with you on all your cycling adventures?

Kids Bikes and Accessories

If your little one had outgrown the backseat of your bike and wants to embark on their own cycling journey then fantastic, we've got a huge range of kids' bikes; from baby trikes, balance bikes and training wheels to bikes for teens and BMX bikes for stunt enthusiasts!

No matter what sort of cycling you or your child will be doing, safety comes first and top of your list should be one of our cycle helmets. Our options feature quality designs from top brands like Challenge and Rayleigh; go for a vented style for optimised comfort and safety. We've got lots of choice for little ones as well - check out our bike helmets for kids.

Mountain Bikes and Accessories

If getting out into the great outdoors means getting off the road, you'll want to take a look at our brilliant range of quality mountain bikes so you can hit those trails and tackle tough terrain. We have a wide array of designs and brands to choose from, including our Muddyfox bikes featuring full suspension and 18-speed Shimano gears so you'll make quick and easy work of those inclines.

Why not invest in a pair of cycling gloves to help improve handlebar grip? These will limit perspiration so as not to affect your grip on the handlebars, and they'll prevent blisters too.

Electric Bikes and Folding Bikes

Meanwhile, if you're biking about town and feel like you could do with an extra boost to see you up and over those hills, an electric bike could be the one for you. And if part of your commute entails bringing your bike on the train, you can't beat compact folding bikes for convenience and portability.  

Smart Bike Accessories

We always aim to keep up with the world of technology to ensure you have access to the latest and best devices out there. That's why our bike computer range is carefully selected to bring you the most recent cycling technology available. Allowing you to have access to GPS maps for the whole of Europe including some exclusive bike tails, whilst helping you keep track of your speed, time and fitness levels; on top of all that you can also stay updated and connected with all your social media accounts and notifications whilst you're on the go, all on one handy bike computer device.