Greenhouses and accessories

Need some garden inspiration?

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Put your green fingers to work all year round with our range of greenhouses and accessories. By keeping tender shoots in the warm and dry, you'll protect them from both British weather and nasty pests. Plastic greenhouses are quick to pop up and ideal for first-timers, while wooden models will give your garden a lovely, rustic focal point. If your outdoor area is more postage stamp than football pitch, opt for a space-saver greenhouse – perfect for herbs and trays of salad leaves. If you need extra storage space, then bigger models can happily accommodate lawnmowers and other bulky equipment. 

It's always a good idea to keep a few small gardening tools to hand in your greenhouse, so you're always prepared to pluck weeds from your planters. Tropical flowers and tasty veg will be fun to grow, and they'll also make an exciting addition to your vases and dining table. 

Love to watch wildlife in your garden? Put out a bird bath and some tasty food and your feathered friends will flock in. As well as being a joy to watch, visits from friendly sparrows and robins will help keep those cheeky slugs away from your veggie patch.

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