With the summer months upon us, conservatories come into their own. How do you use yours? For work or study, for family dining, or simply for relaxing with your feet up? If you have the room, a conservatory is a great place for family meals. Our range includes a choice of dining tables and dining chairs, many of which are suitable for a conservatory.

Take a look at the foldable Habitat 2-seater tables in black or white or at a 6-seater farmhouse table if you have space to spare. If dining would be a bit of a squeeze, it’s easy to breathe new life into this extra room with comfy seating, cushions and soft furnishings. We have lots of compact sofas and adaptable modular units, perfect for a smaller space. Sink into our grey 2-seather Milano leather sofa for some serious chilling.

If you’re looking for extra storage, take a look at our outdoor storage boxes. The Keter boxes come in a range of sizes and are perfect for storing garden tools, furniture and more. Perhaps your garden is crying out for a sweet little summer house. Some are designed especially for a corner and we have home offices for those looking for something multi-purpose. If you need somewhere to nurture your seeds and keep your plants warm, our greenhouses range from the mini to the large. It’s time to get set for summer!

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