Outdoor lighting

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Enjoy the great outdoors even after the sun goes down with our range of outdoor lighting. Solar options use the sun as their power source, so you don't have to fiddle with the electrics. Simply set them up and watch them glow at sunset. String up solar lights around the roof of your shed for a fairy tale feel. Or place standing lamps along the edges of paths to illuminate walkways.

If you do have a mains connection to your decking, choose vintage-style lanterns to enhance the ambience. If practicality is more what you're after, install wall-mounted floodlights either side of your French or sliding doors to light the way in and out of the house. They'll boost your security too.

Who said you can't have a garden party on a chilly Christmas? Choose your outdoor Christmas lights, select some garden heaters and make your outdoor space a wonderland this winter. For 360-degree warmth, fire pits are a rustic addition to your lawn, while chimineas make a striking focal point for the patio.

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