Multi cookers, rice cookers and slow cookers

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Alongside the traditional cookers, hobs and ovens, there are a vast array of kitchen electricals that give a helping hand to even the busiest of cooks. Multi cookers, rice cookers and slow cookers need little looking after, so set the timer on and get on with something else, with no risk of pans boiling over. Ideal for spicy curries to succulent Sunday roasts, multi cookers are crafted to keep those delicate and intense flavours locked in with all the essential nutrients you need. These compact kitchen appliances make cooking a straightforward exercise and at the same time saves space in your kitchen for other things. 

Another kitchen appliance we would now be the microwave, and a combination microwave is that and so much more. It can also work as a convection oven but much quicker, and can heat, cook and brown food just like your oven – so useful when the family is over especially over the holiday period. Make the right choice with our microwave buying guide. Love making homemade soups but don’t want to spend ages over a pot sautéing, cooking and then blending? A soup maker does all of this for you in one machine saving you not just time, but washing up too.

Kitchen gadgets can also add a bit of fun to the kitchen. For the fans of sweet toothed delights, have a go at whipping up your own homemade desserts with one of our exciting ice cream makers. Make brunch a weekend tradition, and get the kids involved with gadgets like crepe, doughnut and even a waffle maker. Make yourself an espresso in the coffee machine, lay the kitchen table and indulge!

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