Multi cookers, rice cookers and slow cookers

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Why buy at argos?

When cooking with a variety of individual appliances, the kitchen can become a hectic and messy environment, but with our range of multi cookers, rice cookers and slow cookers you can consolidate your cooking activities and transform your experience into a more utilitarian and effective practice. Ideal for anything from spicy curries to succulent Sunday roasts, our multi cookers are crafted to keep those delicate and intense flavours locked in with all the essential nutrients you need. Some of our cookers even integrate interactive interfaces into their design with a built-in step by step recipe guide to keep your menus fresh and organised whilst walking you through every moment. These compact kitchen appliances make cooking a straightforward exercise and at the same time saves space in your kitchen for other things. 


Fortunately, here at Argos, accessorising your kitchen space is important to us and we stock everything to suit your tastes. Our coffee machines are a perfect addition to keep you perky for all occasions, but if that doesn't hit the spot, why not energise yourself by putting together your own juicy mash-up with our selection of smoothie makers. Or, for the fans of sweet toothed delights, have a go at whipping up your own homemade desserts with one of our exciting ice cream makers. But, if you're missing one of those essential appliances, why not have a browse through our website as we stock everything from toasters to microwave ovens.

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