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Whether you're giving the windows a wash, spraying down the bikes after a cross-country trek, cleaning the car or sprinkling the lawn and tending to the flowers, Argos has a range of outdoor watering devices devised specifically for what you'll need. We have neat and tidy hoses you can tuck away in the shed after use; water butts you can keep out, collect the rain water and save money on water bills for the garden, and handy sprinklers and accessories so you don't destroy your finer flowers when trying to give them life. 

Once you have the tools to give your garden a good watering, why not give it a reshaping first and let it grow out, nice and fresh. Get one of our lawnmowers, take it to the grass, and trim away the excess. Snip away the stragglers of the rose bush with a good pair of secateurs, shears or power up a hedge trimmer for the bigger jobs. Now it's all set, get your garden growing into the shape you desire.

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