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Find the right fit for your bathroom with our range of showers and accessories. Explore electric models to save water, adjustable heads in mixer styles, and digital designs that let you set your perfect temperature. Check out caddies and other pieces to keep your toiletries on hand when you're lathering up.

Love a good soak after a long day? Select your favourite bath suite and match with some handy bathroom cabinets. Experiment with some new fixtures and fittings to give the room a trend update, and add useful items like bathroom scales. If a screen doesn't suit the space, consider a shower curtain instead. You can play with different patterns and shades to add the finishing touch.

If you're extending the upgrade to the laundry, look at storage options to keep it neat and tidy. A linen basket is ideal for keeping your washing packed away when it's on rotation, or for storing clean towels.

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