The front door gives one of the first impressions of your home, so why not personalise it and make it your own. Welcome to our doors and door furniture page where we stock everything from door canopies to old, rustic knockers so you'll never miss the postman and you won't get drenched when you're frantically searching for keys. Each door in your home is a momentary transition between designs, so why not consider fitting them into your chosen styles. We also stock beautiful, timber patio doors to give the gateway to your garden that graceful elegance it deserves.

If you feel at one with nature and keen to do your bit for the environment, stop filling up your kitchen bins and keep the earth happy with one of our garden composters for all the excess food from your kitchen, and keep it tidy and trimmed with our selection our garden tools. We've got the lot. Also, if your cat needs to roam the neighbourhood, we have a selection of easy-fit cat flaps you can pop into your doors to allow them the freedom to do so.

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