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With the warm weather with us, it’s time to get outside in the fresh air. With the right tools and accessories, it will be no time before your garden is looking beautiful. We have a great range of garden hand tools to help you, including trowels, forks and cultivators. For those heavier and hard-to-reach jobs, you’ll find chainsaws, loppers and pole saws, while a hedge trimmer makes short work of neatening any bush or hedge.

Tidying the garden may seem a chore but what a difference it makes. Our leaf blowers and garden shredders are a massive boon. Once you’ve shredded and compacted your wood, leaves and other debris, pop them all in the compost bin and you’ll have great mulch or feed for your plants.

When you’re working in the garden, a wheelbarrow is exceptionally useful. If you only have a small plot, take a look at our recycled tub from Ward. It’s perfect for wheeling around anything, whether wood or just-picked fruit, and great for storage.

We also have an excellent selection of larger items such as lawn mowers. You’ll find cylinders, hovers and rotaries, even robotic machines that mow by themselves! You’ll also find a great choice of sheds, including plastic sheds requiring zero maintenance.

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