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Is your garden looking a bit worn and weathered? Or is it just lacking a touch of character? Give your garden a makeover and embrace the elements of your personality in your designs. At Argos, we have a massive range of garden decorations and landscaping options for you to choose from. How about creating a feature in your garden with one of our pergolas? Train some vines and hang some flowers across the top one of these fantastic wooden, latticed structures, and make yourself a beautiful shaded walkway to stroll through whatever the weather.

Using your DIY tools, why not fashion yourself a little peaceful haven in the garden and fill it with relaxing garden furniture. You could line your new pergola with garden ornaments and lanterns could dangle from the beams in the dark. Maybe even install a bird bath for your feathered friends at the end of the walkway or make a feature out of one of these instead. And, if you don't have time to tend to all the flowers and plants of the garden, we have a great selection of artificial trees and turf to make it a lot easier to manage with less time.

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