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Get ready to cook up a storm with our extensive range of kitchenware. Whether you're an accomplished chef or just starting out in your first home, we've got the essentials covered, from crockery to aprons.

Of course, no kitchen is complete without saucepans. Designs that can go straight from hob to oven are ideal for one-pot meals. Glass lets you see exactly what’s going on and copper conducts heat well for even cooking. Browse our range of pan sets to choose the sizes and colours you prefer.

When you're ready to experiment with new recipes, you might want to try some different methods of cooking. Toss crisp stir-fries in non-stick woks for a quick, healthy dinner. Or use sturdy cast-iron griddle pans to get the perfect grill lines on your steak. Your guests will be mightily impressed.

And for those days when you'd rather someone cooked for you, a microwave is all you need for a healthy steamed veg and fish dish. Or a cheeky sticky-toffee pudding.

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