Kids bedroom furniture

It's playtime

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It's playtime.
It's playtime.

It's game on with this awesome gaming highsleeper

This bed is the ultimate bit of kit for your young gaming expert. Create a gaming centre in their room and reclaim your lounge!

Make dreams come true


Turn your little ones' bedrooms into their own special hideout, a place they can put their stamp on, and become more independent. Choose from kid friendly furniture, to pieces that help keep rooms tidy and elements that add colour bringing the room alive.

Browse our range of kid’s bedroom furniture. You'll find everything from comfy kid’s beds to kid’s bedside tables for a place to keep everything they need close at hand, whether it's their favourite playthings or piles of storybooks. As they start growing up, they may start taking a more active interest in what they wear. You might need another kid’s chest of drawers or a kid's wardrobe, so they can keep those new clothes off the floor. Our designs make the most of storage space and create more room for your little ones to race around (if they really insist).

They'll feel happier being left alone if they feel safe in the dark, so take your pick of brightly coloured kid's lighting options. Decorate with patterned kid’s wallpaper for a splash of colour and have some fun with kid’s bedding sets which might distract them from their disappointment that playtime's over when it's finally time to hit the sack.

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