Kids bedroom furniture

Inspired Ideas


Turn your little ones' bedrooms into their own special hideout with our range of children’s bedroom furniture. You'll find everything from comfy beds to patterned wallpaper for a splash of colour. Our designs make the most of storage space and create more room for your little ones to race around (if they really insist).

Browse our bedside tables for a place to keep everything they need close at hand, whether it's their favourite playthings or piles of storybooks. They'll feel happier being left alone if they feel safe in the dark, so take your pick of our brightly coloured children's lighting options. Got the opposite problem? Some fun children’s bedding might distract them from their disappointment that playtime's over when it's finally time to hit the sack.

As they start growing up, they may start taking a more active interest in what they wear. You might need another chest of drawers or a children's wardrobe, so they can keep those new clothes off the floor.

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