Garden heating


Stay warm whatever the weather, day or night, with our range of garden heating. Pop yourself on a log and gather everyone round a fire pit with marshmallows on sticks; sit at a space saving dining set on the patio or decking in front of a patterned, clay chimenea with a few glasses of wine – our garden heating options are perfect for keeping the party going after the barbecue starts to simmer down.

If you're someone who prefers the outdoors, then why not consider decorating or landscaping your garden now that the cold won't be a problem. Create an aesthetically pleasing focal point with a pergola – these beautiful wooden frames are ideal for setting a space aside and hanging flowers or vines from. And, if you enjoy wood textures, then we have a great range of fencing too for you to mark out your garden and give you some privacy. Ponder over our garden decoration and landscaping section for more ideas as we stock everything from ornaments to bird baths.

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