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Don't let the laundry and cleaning get out of hand – keep on top of it all with Argos' range of products to help you tackle it practically and efficiently so your home can remain clean and clutter free. Keep the house spotless with our cleaning sets, window cleaners and accessories. Laundry is easily organised with laundry baskets and bins. Washing lines and airers help get the clothes dry, and then steamers and presses are handy for quickly removing odd wrinkles from garments.

Laundry takes a big chunk of time, so anything that cuts it down is worth it. Throw your clothes directly in a linen basket and avoid creating piles on the floor and this way you can easily transport your washing straight to the Hotpoint washing machine. We’ve got compact and built in models to help you save on space, and also half load and quick wash options. Energy efficiency is also an important consideration so check out the energy rating. Other key features are load capacity, spin speeds and the range of washes such as a quick wash function for when you need to get the laundry done in a hurry. When it is wet outside and you need to dry the clothes we also have a powerful range of tumble dryers to get your clothes ready to wear in no time. Get some great tips on how to make the most of your laundry room here.

Another important part of keeping the house ship shape is looking after the floors. And, if you want to save time on the carpets and rugs, then suck it all up with one of our vacuum cleaners in minutes. Mops are a kitchen and bathroom essential but if you really want to give them a deep clean then a steam cleaner will make light work of it. Make your life easier with our options at Argos.