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Kids' rooms should be a safe, cosy and inspirational space. They should be able to relax, chill out with a book, have some quiet time to do their homework. An area they can play and explore, whatever age or interests, their room should reflect who they are or inspire who they want to be. That's why we've carefully chosen kids' furniture pieces to suit all ages, from bouncing toddlers to growing teens. Our furniture designs and room ideas will help give your kids restful nights and productive days to bring out the best in them.


As much as it seems like all kids do is have fun and play all day, they're also hard at work constantly developing and finding their way to becoming independent, so after a long day of learning and growing it's nice for your child to have a space they can home to, relax in and feel at ease. Explore our fun selection of kids' beds to turn your child's bedroom in to a world of discovery and comfort. Choose from exciting character themed beds to spark your toddlers imagination or space-saving cabin beds to keep their books and toys neatly tucked away and out of sight.

Bunks, high sleepers and cabin beds

There's not always enough space in the house for everyone to have their own room so sharing might be the only solution. We've made sharing fun and easy with our space optimising selection of bunk beds, so they can each have a comfy bed to sleep on whilst making more room to play and safely jump around. When space is still limited, you might want a more practical solution for a bed such as our multifunctional cabin beds with built in storage compartments or our elevated high sleepers for personalised under bed space for sleeping, studying, playing and chilling without taking up too much space.

Mix or match furniture 

Mix things up with our range of kids' wardrobes and kids' bedside tables for a fun and quirky space. Or go for a more uniformed look with our children's bedroom furniture sets. All our children's furniture is designed with kids in mind, this means that we have taken in to consideration their storage needs such as our range of handy toy boxes to store all their treasured toys in. Our adorable collection of children's table and chair sets will make dinner times more comfortable and encourage them to sit still for some reading, crafts and socialise with their age mates.  Explore our range of children's furniture specially designed with a variety of materials, colours and different sizes to suit toddlers, teens and everyone in between.

The perfect playroom

If you're looking for creative ways to add a little magic to your child's playroom then you've come to the right place, explore our guide of brilliant playroom ideas to help you choose from a variety of colours, styles and designs to create a fun environment that your child will definitely enjoy.

When playtime is over, the day is done, and you've said your goodnights, help them sleep soundly with our handy night lights. Not only do they look great, they're also ideal for those "scary" nights of thunder and rain to lighten up their mood.

For versatility and functionality made for the modern-day home, you can count on our collection of kids' furniture to provide you with sleeping, storage and space optimising solutions that are durable enough to handle the rough and tumble of everyday life.