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Paw Patrol bedding.
Paw Patrol bedding.

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From new Dino Rescue toys to Ready Race Rescue movie themed vehicles, as well as homeware and activity playsets, Argos have you covered for hours of Pawsome play!

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Let's make bedtime your favourite time of the day! Our range of bedding is suitable for everyone, from the littlest sleepers to the biggest snoozers. Our toddlers' duvet sets have fun and bright character designs, making bedtime less stressful for parents! Find everything you need to dress your bed and make it as comfortable as possible, so at the end of the day you can snuggle down and get some sleep. Extra bedding requires extra storage, especially if you tend to have guests overnight. Let your bed double up as extra storage for all your bedding, with an ottoman storage bed.

Egyptian Cotton

Luxury has a name and its Egyptian cotton. Traditionally, Egypt produced the finest cotton fabrics due to the warm climate and the fertile land. This cotton was then spun into fabrics and in more modern times, Egyptian cotton sees many uses from bath towels, bath mats and dressing gowns, to finer cloth used for bedsheets, pillowcases and mattress covers. Egyptian cotton is famous for its thread count, which is the number of threads in one square inch. A thread count of 180 or less with be a rather loose and light weave, 200 - 500 is a luxurious, soft weave and 1000 or over would leave a butter soft feeling, but be a much heavier fabric.  

Bed linen

If the soft touch of brushed cotton is enough for you to hit the snooze button on your alarm clock, then you'll want to stay in bed all day with our range of bed linens. Our linens include sets that comes in both 200 to 500 thread count Egyptian cotton, for the softest touch against your skin. Cotton is a great all-year round material, smooth cotton for the summer will keep your cool and brushed cotton in the Winter will keep your warm. Get matching pillowcases in brushed cotton for extra softness. Fitted sheets make it super easy to change the bed linen and means you won't have any creases or wrinkles in your bed sheets. Blankets and throws will add some texture to your bedroom décor. Sumptuous velvet will add a glamourous touch, or super soft fleece will have you staying in bed for longer.

Bedding sets

Bedding is best kept in sets due to our seasonal weather. Usually a summer set and a winter set is best to have for the changes in temperature. Replacing your pillow every 6 months is a good idea, especially if you suffer with neck or backache. Pillow protectors will help the longevity of your pillows as well as provide extra padding. Duvet covers with a lightweight tog rating are cool enough to use in the summer - stick to lower togs for a restful night's sleep in the warmer months. For the Winter choose a higher and heavier tog, it'll keep you nice and snug in the colder weather. 

Is it time for you to upgrade your double bed to a king size or super king? If a brand new bed frame is something you require, check out our handy bed size guide first to make sure your new bed fits correctly.